A brief history

As any brand strategist knows, there is a glaring gap between the strategist’s promise and the client’s expectation. We created the Brief Company to narrow this gap; to provide ambitious founders with the confidence of knowing they have come to the right place, and strategists with the environment to do what they do best.

You could also say that the Brief Company was born because there was a great need in the market. There was a need to demystify brand position strategy, that ever elusive yet vital ingredient that turns a real estate company into a place to do what you love, a computer company into a tribe of non-conforming creatives, or a sneaker company into a rally cry for just doing it. There was a need to challenge the old agency model where you paid too much for too little too late with a smart strategic sprint model that provides founders with an affordable strategic foundation to provide a north star for their startup.

We set out to not only find the best strategists out there but collectively figure out ways to optimize the process, unleash their talent, and match them with the most exciting startups out there globally.

The Brief Company provides its strategists with exactly what they’ve always wanted.

By coming together, the Brief Company creates an environment where strategists are continually bringing their insights of working with founders to not only enrich the community, but more importantly, to continually improve the process and maximize the impact of the strategic sprint.

Core Team

David Laxer

Co-Founder / Directing Manager

Tel Aviv, ISR

A seasoned strategist, creative director and former publisher, David brings international experience across multiple sectors.

Sandra Bartling

VP Customer Relations

Berlin, DE

Sandra brings 20 years of experience as a producer in the world of live brand spaces and customer experience, having worked with some of the world’s most recognised brands. She is also an expert at sustainability.

Ben Wittner

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Berlin, DE

Ben is considered a world renowned expert in typography, design lecturer, as well as a co-founder of Berlin-based and internationally-famed design studio EPS51.

Omer Yarkowich

Executive Problem Solver

Tel Aviv, ISR

Omer defies conventional description. Some would call him a lateral thinker, others would say he is a generalist. What matters though is that he solves problems with frightening efficiency and focus.

Board Team

Tel Aviv, Israel

Noa Mayer

Business Acceleration

Noa brings over 20 years of experience delicately bridging the worlds of law, business, and entrepreneurship, working with a wide range of Israeli and international companies and organizations.

Her vast experience, steady counsel and extensive network in the Israeli eco-system of innovation make her an invaluable resource, especially for companies with a global outlook interested in gaining a foothold in the Israeli market.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Nina Waldfogel

Innovation & G2M

Nina is an accomplished and recognized global marketing and strategy specialist who sits at the intersection of brand, business and product. Prior to holding the position of VP Marketing at Brew, Nina was a senior insight specialist at Apple (EMEIA Mobile Markets), as well as several other senior marketing and product positions in the global hightech ecosystem.

Nina draws from this rich and diverse background to provide us with steady counsel and a strong voice for redefining strategy for today’s landscape.

Jerusalem, Israel

Guy Gordon

Strategy & Communications

Prior to being the Digital Innovation Storyteller at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Guy was a highly accomplished and award winning strategist and creative.

Furthermore, he is a rainmaker, brilliant thinker and a confidante to leaders of industry and innovation in the global tech eco-system.

Originally a proud Dubliner, Guy now resides in Jerusalem.

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