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Nathan Lyons

London / TLV

Why should anyone care?

Full-on brands take years to build and require significant resources. That’s why many founders think it’s something they will get to eventually. After they raise a few million.

But most founders will never get that opportunity because they are so focused on features & technology that they overlook the bigger question. Why should anyone care?

David Laxer


How long should a brand strategy take?

Ten days is very ambitious for crafting the perfect brand strategy, and to some it outright might sound ludicrous, not to say misleading. Yet, for many startups and early-stage companies, 10 days is exactly what it takes to provoke a new kind of thinking required to shift from features to purpose.

For more established companies 10-20 day brand sprints provide an injection of fresh perspective at key crossroads of a brand’s life required to make the next great leap forward.

Eyal Linur


Purpose Branding

There is a need for unbiased brand strategy — simply focused on unearthing a brand’s big idea; it’s purpose.

The problem is that currently brand strategy is just another service offered by agencies who really just want to sell media, design agencies who look to sell design, or large consulting firms who charge obscene amounts and still work with outdated frameworks.

David Laxer


You have 10 seconds

If you can’t decide whether or not to stick a knife in it in 10 seconds, you won’t last long here. That’s what many VC’s say, and one of the first things we tell entrepreneurs who think a brand is something they can get after they raise the 1st round of investment.

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Brent Tollman

TLV / Shanghai

Bridging Expectations

Brand purpose is one of the most essential ingredients in today’s high growth startup ecosystem — and also one of its most intangible, and often misunderstood.
Savvy entrepreneurs rationally grasp the importance of brand, yet emotionally they still haven’t bridged how a brand strategy ties everything together, from product to market opportunity to scalability; how a brand is more than a logo and design, but rather a northstar that guides every aspect of the business.

Most founders understand that to be the next AirBnb, Uber, Mindspace they need a strong brand, they’re just not sure where to begin and if it’s something that can wait after they’ve raised a significant round. In short, the answer is no. If you can’t answer why the world can’t go on without your idea, you won’t get to where you want to go.


David Laxer


The need for speed

In today’s uncertain business landscape, businesses no longer can rely on 3-month brand strategies that are already making outdated assumptions by the time they are even presented, not to mention implemented. Strategic brand sprints are a constant injection of fresh perspective and insights and a way to ensure your market relevance, that you are delivering on your big promise, and that your business continues to be one step ahead of the competition.