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Only a sharp brand position lets you own a distinct place in the consumer’s mind.

We help you understand, define and communicate this position.

Whether it’s investors, users or customers, only businesses that have a clear understanding of the need in the market they are filling, and a sense for the customers they are serving, stand a chance to survive and succeed in these trying times.

David Laxer, The Brief Co. Founder

Out with the old, in with the brief.

We have taken the mystery out of brand strategy, and replaced it with highly structured and strategic sprints geared to provide startups and early stage companies with the foundations for long-term success. This is our position.

Strategic Sprints

Brand XP (1-day workshop)
One day virtual workshop to provoke conversations and unleash your company’s creative DNA
Brand Story
The 10-day sprint that provides you with a strategic narrative and core messaging needed to be relevant and interesting for your different stakeholders.
Brand Strategy & Position
This 10-day sprint gives your brand human-driven insights that drive business opportunities, growth and a sustainable market position.

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How do I know if my company is at the right stage for positioning?


If you feel your company doesn’t have a unique competitive advantage, a clear understanding of your customer or an inability to even grab customer or investor attention. You can also schedule a call or fill out our Unlock Your Potential survey.

Does the Brief Co. offer additional services?


The Brief Co. is committed to keeping its offering highly focused. That is our position.

What does a final strategy look like?


As client strategies are highly confidential, we are unable to present our work on the website. However, if you schedule a call, we will be happy to show you the entire process and email you a detailed workflow.

What happens if I am not happy with the strategy?


We have an internal panel of other strategists and advisory board who review the project and determine the quality of work and the desired course of action.

Is there a possibility for on-site meetings?

Online vs Offline

Unfortunately not. In order to make our model work, we need to account for everyone’s time, almost up to the minute. So the only way to do that is by following our carefully designed process.